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Highstage has given Nortek a single source of truth

In Nortek's quest for precision and efficiency, they turned to Highstage PLM. “Highstage has significantly enhanced production efficiency while minimising errors”, says Christopher Grinde, head of transducer design & manufacturing at Nortek. “Thanks to the persistent links that consistently display up-to-date revisions of drawings and production documents, Highstage has brought about a singular, reliable source of truth.”
Christopher Grinde
Head of Sensor Development, Nortek

Uneeg Medical has got a steel grip on their technical files

Uneeg uses Highstage across their development projects. Documents are electronically signed by reviewers and approvers, according to FDA CFR Part 11 requirements. Nita Volder Hansen – Process Engineer at Uneeg – is a big fan of references, and for a good reason – references in Highstage are used to manage which revision is correct and valid. Using the Reference Lock functionality, a revision can be locked to the DHF even if newer versions exist.
Nita Volder Hansen
Process Engineer at Uneeg

How Develco Products conquered BOM hell

“Experiencing a large growth, we were more and more exposed to the risk of mixing up BOM’s for all our parts and variants. We realised that Excel could no longer give us the level of confidence that we needed, and searched the market for a solution. Highstage has proven great in getting a strong grip on our BOM’s and revision control.”
Joakim Jørgensen
Hardware Developer at Develco

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