The Document module

Is your project documentation overflowing? 
Gain back control with review and approval 
processes, revision control and automated 
document content.

Automate your processes with efficient document workflows

From the collaborative work in an R&D group to the highly regulated medical organisation – a smoothly operating document management system is a must. The Document module handles standard files types (Microsoft Office), specialized file types, drawings, folders etc. Sharing all teams, units and departments has never been so effortless.

Configurable revision management
Keep your documents in check with continuous and unlimited revision control. Revision formats are configurable and each revision is marked clearly.
Automated Review-Approve cycles
Automate your processes with efficient document workflows. Documents get automatically routed in a review-approve cycle and gets assigned relevant stakeholders, tracks progess and sends reminders when needed.
Automated document contents and templates
When a new document is created in Highstage, it will automatically use the latest approved template to ensure consistent document content. PDF-versions of all documents are also generated and stored every time a document changes status.
GDPR and security
Legal requirements for sensitive/private information is built on a need-to-know format where user-specific access, safe storage and deletion option is made available.
All data are stored, and full event logs are accessible for certain stakeholders. Requirements by FDA CFR Part 11 and ISO standards are met with extended authentication, such as electronic signatures and user passwords for signing documents.
File structures and formats
All documents, folders, software, electronic- and mechanical CAD are stored in an open file-server folder structure – all completely accessible to users from the File Explorer or the web interface. With the use of references, files are easily located and accessed.

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Revolutionary document management - for everyone

"Do you ever feel lost among large amounts of project documentation? Let me show you a revolutionary approach to document management, that can help everyone in your organisation work more efficiently"
- Klara Sibeck, CXO

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  • Are you spending unnecessary time looking for the right version of a document, or searching for the right template?
  • Do you wish document contents would be auto generated, so you could work faster?

Klara is here to show you a revolutionary approach to document management that can help everyone in your organisation work more efficiently.

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