The Action module

Turn complex and messy processes into lean 
and clean linear flows. With customizable 
Action-processes, you can actually practice 
your company's best practice.

The system keeps track of all activities, so you don't have to

Projects, product development, requirements, features, bugs and customer support – all in one simply process model. Whether your customized action process is detailed or simple, stringent or flexible, hierarchical or linear, the Action module creates process flows for smoother work flows.

Stage-Gate framework
The Action module is built on the Stage-Gate framework. Highstage gives you flexibility in how to set up standardised actions and tasks, and tie in parts and documents if needed. Each stage in a project or process has one or more users assigned to it. Each gate is defined by a deadline set and administered by the project managers. 
Comprehensive reports
Action statuses and overall performance are brought to attention on management level through search grids. Delays and bottlenecks are easily identifiable on corporate and project level. Comprehensive reports allows for full transparency throughout the company's processes and projects.
Customizable processes
Create processes in Highstage that resemble your business processes. Define mandatoy and non-mandatory documents, tasks and parts in every step. For managers, online monitoring of all activities allows for better priority, decision-making and follow-ups.
The Action module is built to follow compliances and regulations such as ISO standards, ITIL, GAMP and many more. 

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Avoid bottlenecks in product development - with lean PLM

"Do you ever come across bottlenecks in the development process? Is the current setup slowing down your product release? Let me present the game changing and lean approach of Highstage, that helps speed up the product development process"
- Klara Sibeck, CXO

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