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We believe in customer adapted solutions

– because one size rarely fits all

Highstage PLM is the no-brainer choice for any company type or size – in our humble opinion. 

We offer a modular built and highly customizable platform with start-up friendly pricing and guided step-by-step implementation for optimal convenience and efficiency.

We are natives in cloud-based PLM solutions and will guide you closely in your digital transformation. What’s not to like?

The building blocks of Highstage

The Document module
Is your project documentation overflowing? Gain back control with review and approval processes, revision control and automated document content.
The Action module
Turn complex and messy processes into lean and clean linear flows. With customizable Action-processes, you can actually practice your company's best practice.
The Part module
From low level standard components to procurement level sub-parts – the Part module grants maximum revision control in one advanced BOM management system.
The Device module
A products lifecycle doesn't end, once it has left production. Extend your product management from design all the way to the shelf with operational history and device traceability.

Automate your processes with efficient document workflows

Gain access to:

  • Configurable revision management
  • Automated review-approval cycles
  • Automated document content and templates
  • Open file-server folder structure
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The system keeps track of all activities, so you don't have to

Gain access to:

  • Activitity overview listed by relevance and priority
  • Compliant with ISO standards, ITIL, GAMP etc.
  • Completely customizable processes and incremental implementation
  • Identify delays and bottlenecks from project level to corporate level
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Fast-paced customer demand requires fast-track development

Gain access to:

  • Proper documentation management for all part types
  • Reference application for product structures
  • Structured product release processes
  • Variant management
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Keep your post-market history in the loop for full product transparency

Gain access to:

  • Complete device traceability
  • ERP/MRP integration
  • Supply chain involvement
  • Configuration management and assembly control
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Have a sneak peak of all the
possibilities in Highstage

Highstage is built with the user in mind. A system made simple, supportive and sustainable is a system that will actually be used by everyone in the organisation.

Free from menus and features that are not needed, Highstage offers you endless possibilities of adaptations. From setting up custom menus, searches, processes for engineering, change orders and quality, and so much more.

Highstage configurations

Whether you work in a start up or larger enterprise, we have a solution for you.
The Highstage modules can be mixed and matched in various ways depending on your needs.
Document Management System
* Requires the Document module
Gain full control of revisions
Easily manage review and approval processes
Locate any document with a single search term
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Quality Management System
* Requires the Document module
* Recommended with the Action module for process workflow management
Manage Quality/HSE policies
Get an overview of procedures and flowcharts
Implement a live non-conformity system with the Action module
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Product Data Management
* Requires the Part module and Document module
Structure release processes
Manage products, components and variants
Define and maintain product assemblies
Comprehensive documentation export
Independent PDM, but integratable with any ECAD/MCAD tool
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Product Lifecycle Management
* Requires the Part module, Document module and Action module
* Recommended with the Device module for ERP/MRP integration and device traceability
Includes all modules for one complete corporate management system
Submit documents to suppliers via the built-in mail journalling system
Manage customer complaints
Revise and rebuild development processes
Build complete and comprehensive life cycle history for each product, parts and components
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