The Device module

A products lifecycle doesn't end, once it has left 
production. Extend your product management from 
design all the way to the shelf with operational 
history and device traceability.

Keep your post-market history in the loop for product transparency

Manage and document device configurations throughout the operational phase of a product's lifecycle. Track serial number items, lots and batches to trace the lifecycle of each individual device and part. Include service reports, calibration certificates, customer complaints, IOT log data and much more.

Complete device traceability
Manage serial numbers, lots and batches for produced and shipped products or devices. This allows for complete traceability from design to finished shelf product.
ERP/MRP integration
Integrate your company's ERP/MRP system for managing transactions, finances, invoiving etc.
Supply chain involvement
There are several ways to integrate Highstage with suppliers and manufacturers. One solution is to synchronize serial/batch numbers, another might be to let Highstage provide manufacturing documentation via the Highstage supplier portal.
Configuration management and assembly control
Design a configurable part assembly in order to maximize the capability of a multitude of potential varients from just one configurable main part. Generate machine readable bar- or QR-codes that carry serial numbers and part definitions for full traceability.

Experience Highstage in action

"Check out the user interface of Highstage, and the endless possibilities for adaptations. It's quite extraordinary."
- Klara Sibeck, CXO

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