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We are located in Malmö, Sweden, but you can 
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When you think innovation, think eBOM

eBOM by Nordcad may be newcomers, but we rest on a solid foundation. We have over 10 years of experience in PLM through eBOM, and more than 30 years of experience in CAD through Nordcad.

Our passion is to help our customers get their innovative products to market quickly. We help you collaborate and manage your products during its lifecycle using the right tools for PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and QMS (Quality Management Systems).

At first glance, it may seem that we primarily provide software. But what it really comes down to is implementing these tools well in your organization. We guide your company on that journey.

Our fans are mainly found among companies who are passionate about their products. If you and your company are at the forefront, think outside the box and are open to change, we will surely get along well. And if you operate in High Tech Electronics, Internet of Things, or Medical Devices amongst other industries – then you've come to the right place.

Meet Daniel

Daniel embodies dedication in all he does, whether it's tackling a challenging cycling route or driving innovation in product lifecycle management. It's no surprise that he holds the position of CEO.

His love of good food is evident and he is dedicated to passing down his gourmet tastes to the next generation. He recalls a time when his young children, while traveling in France, requested extra portions of snails instead of ice cream.

Daniel's career journey began as a mechanical engineer, but he soon discovered that his true passion was in communicating with others. This realisation led him to launch his first consultancy business, and he has been a successful entrepreneur ever since. Over the past decade, he has focused on PLM and Quality Management Systems (QMS), and currently holds the role of Sales Director at our company. However, his ambitions go far beyond sales. Daniel's primary focus is on delivering exceptional value to our customers.

Get to know Magne

Magne is a visionary thinker who dedicates early Friday evenings to exploring innovative ideas and solutions. As he explains, "it's the ideal time of the week to engage in deep thinking while others are winding down for the weekend."

However, Magne also knows how to strike a balance and makes time for what matters most to him: his family, including his wife Catharina and their three children, as well as two dogs and a red Lotus.

With over two decades of experience in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Magne has honed his skills as an expert and manager at global company Tetra Pak. He is passionate about improving usability and user experience and is always on the lookout for tools that streamline work processes. It's no wonder he's the perfect fit as our CTO.

And if you're in need of a proper espresso, look no further! Magne's time spent working in Italy has made him the go-to source at the office for a delicious caffeine fix.

This is Klara

Meet Klara, our resident survival expert. Her expertise extends from navigating the wilderness with limited equipment to creating engaging PLM training programs that keep users interested and awake.

When she's not on Teams, you'll likely find Klara going for a run, teaching her children the essential skills of orienteering, or pursuing other outdoor adventures.

Klara's diverse background spans industrial design, product development, sourcing, creative writing, and marketing, making her the ideal candidate for the role of Chief Experience Officer (CXO). In this role, she focuses on delivering exceptional user experiences for our customers, transforming complex processes into simple and easily understandable concepts, and much more.

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