The Part module

From low level standard components to 
procurement level sub-parts - the Part 
module grants maximum revision control 
in one advanced BOM management system.

Fast-paced customer demand requires fast-track development

Designs are referred to as "Parts" in Highstage, used for procurement, manufacture and assembly of a product. Parts can include components, sub-assemblies or the complete product assembly. With the Part module, your company is ensured faster development and maximized use of designs and IPs. 

Various integrations
Highstage offers integrations to various design tools for your convenience. For MCAD, we offer integration to Ansys SpaceClaim. For ECAD, we offer integration to Orcad CIP.
For other product and data integrations, we support formats such as https, REST, SOAP, XML, JSON, SQL etc. 
Other integrations include (but are not limited to) Dynamics AX, Navision, Xledger, and SuperOffice.
Large variety of part types
Your company can create unlimited types of parts using the Part module. Metadata such as electrical part types or material parameters are included for each part type, and parameter can be made mandatory to ensure that critical data is always included in documentation.
References and product data
References help in maintaining seamless product strucutures, as well as comprising all relevant information such specifications, design, assembly instructions, manuals etc. in one complete product structure.
Structured product release processes
With bottom-up approval processes, structured release processes are ensured. Full transparency of the development is made possible as no parts can be approved without proper documentation in place.
Variant management
Manage and gain an easy overview of variants with the use of references, and re-use designs and parts in an endless variety of products.
Th Part module is independent of any CAD system and can be used across design and maintenance teams.

Meet a client

How Develco Products conquered BOM hell

How Develco Products conquered BOM hell

“Experiencing a large growth, we were more and more exposed to the risk of mixing up BOM’s for all our parts and variants. We realised that Excel could no longer give us the level of confidence that we needed, and searched the market for a solution. Highstage has proven great in getting a strong grip on our BOM’s and revision control.”

Joakim Jørgensen
Hardware Developer at Develco

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