Customer case: Nortek

"Highstage has transformed our workflow"

How did Highstage become a game changer for production criteria at Nortek, and aid in error reduction? Buckle up for a journey into the depths of PLM with Christopher Grinde, head of Sensor Development at Nortek, who guides us through their implementation. 

Nortek specialises in designing, developing, and manufacturing acoustic underwater sensor systems for a broad range of applications, from understanding climate change's impact to providing crucial navigational assistance to underwater vehicles. In their quest for precision and efficiency, they turned to Highstage PLM.

“Highstage has significantly enhanced production efficiency while minimising errors”, says Christopher Grinde. “Thanks to the persistent links that consistently display up-to-date revisions of drawings and production documents, Highstage has brought about a singular, reliable source of truth. Additionally, we value the, ensuring engineering, production and purchasing teams can all access the right information.

Continue reading for Christophers thoughts on various aspects of PLM, and scroll down for video clips from the interview!

Christopher Grinde shares his thoughts about...  

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The magic of persistent links

“We started off with another PLM tool, but it lacked some functionality - for example, the persistent URL links that Highstage is offering. This concept is very important for us: we want the production team to be able to always use the same link for the latest approved revision. With the link being persistent, meaning the URL is constant but it always points to the latest approved revision, there is no need to update links when revisions change. Implementing Highstage has reduced errors work can be done faster as we don’t have to spend time updating links. Persistent links are also very useful when integrating with ERP and other systems."

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The chicken or egg dilemma: should you start with PLM or ERP?

We often hear companies ponder whether to wait until their ERP implementation is complete before starting with PLM. Christopher Grinde has an interesting experience to share: 'During our Highstage PLM implementation, we developed solutions and data fields that now have been set up in our ERP system as well. So, the PLM effort actually made our team see the possibilities start using inactive parts of our ERP system which suddenly made sense. This was quite a surprise!

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